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Please download the application forms relevant to your exhibit. The required applications should be submitted by the deadline.

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Application FormDeadlineTarget
A Registration of Decorating Company 18 Jan. All Exhibitors
B Application for Supply of Electricity / 2nd Stage Trunk-Line Electrical Work 22 Feb. All Exhibitors
C Exhibitor information 18 Jan. All Exhibitors
D Notice of Exhibitor’s Event 22 Feb. All Exhibitors


Application FormDeadlineTarget
E Application for Floor Construction 22 Feb.Optional
F Application for Approval for Bringing Hazardous Material/the Use of Fire 22 Feb.Optional
G Application for Ceiling Construction 18 Jan.Optional
J Application for Furniture Rental 18 Jan.Optional
L Application for Sale 18 Jan.Optional
M Application for Temporary Wi-Fi 18 Jan.Optional