Privacy Policy

The Japan Golf Goods Association Privacy Policy

The Japan Golf Goods Association is aware of the importance of private policy matters and to keep the trust of customers and exhibitors, we will practice what is shown below to make sure to protect all the personal data we receive.

1) We will keep within all laws, customs, and regulations in the golf industry and public policies.
2) We will prevent all personal data from unlawful computer access, lost, theft, destruction or alteration.
3) To protect personal data, we will set and practice a compliance program concerning using, obtaining and offering personal data.
4) We will use the obtained personal data only in extent of The Japan Golf Goods Association’s privacy policy.
5) We will continuously check and improve our compliance program and system of protecting personal data.

When you exhibit at or visit The Japan Golf Fair (sponsored by The Japan Golf Goods Association) or when you register in the website run by the Operational Secretariat, we may ask for personal information. The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat will pay very close attention on how the obtained personal data is handled according to our Privacy Policy.

1) Purpose of personal data usage

The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat will use the obtained personal data for the purposes listed below;

* To relay confirmation for the applied exhibition or other services and for invitations or other printed materials.
* To charge fees necessary for the exhibition and other services and for confirmation of payment.
* To check applications for e-mail distributing services and distributing news by mail.
* To improve the contents of the exhibition, our website and other services and to meet and improve our customers' satisfaction.
* Other reasons necessary for contacting our customers or visitors.

2) Management of the personal data

The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat will take the necessary measures not to lose, destruct, alter, or allow the leakage of obtained personal data and handle them under fair and impartial supervision.

To help run our business smoothly, there may be cases when the Operational Secretariat will consign personal data to companies which the Operational Secretariat has judged to be trustworthy and has signed a contract of obligation to keep the data private following the Japan Golf Goods Association’s strict privacy policy.

This consignment will be limited to specified business fields such as; constructing and managing the website, inputting visitor information, printing, packing, delivery, service fees, surveys or when offering other services to a necessary business field.

3) Offering and disclosure to a third party

The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat will not disclose the obtained personal data unless we have permission from all parties involved.
There may be messages sent to you by specific companies or parties, which act as proxy for The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat.
We do not or will not sell any list of exhibitors or visitors to the Japan Golf Fair.

4) Correction and Suspension of the use of registered data

You are able to add, change, correct, delete or suspend the use of your data if you so choose. The Japan Golf Goods Association and the Operational Secretariat will continuously check the contents in order to maintain that the obtained data is correct and that it has been updated with new data when necessary.
If requested, the Japan Golf Goods Association will take measures that are necessary to manage your data.
Correction or suspension of data use is accepted at the inquiry window shown on our website.

5) Log files and Use of Cookies

We use log-files only for the purpose of surveying and managing user trends. Log-files contain information such as IP addresses, browser types and reference URL but it neither reveals nor retains any identifying or personal data.
We do not use cookies so you can visit our website even if your browser has been set to “block.”

6) Security of our Website

To protect and secure the data, this site utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which encrypt the information sent between your internet browser and our site. This ensures the data is protected from wiretaps, information altering, and enables you to send and receive personal data on the internet securely.

7) Inquiry

If you have any questions on The Japan Golf Fair Privacy Policy, please contact the Operational Secretariat at: Contact Page

Thank you very much.